APARTYMENT - a place to stay in Zagreb (Croatia)

Looking for a home away from home on your way to the Adriatic coast? Need a place to kick back during your business trip to Zagreb? Apartyment is fully furnished and recently renovated self-contained two-bedroom apartment. Clean, comfy and centrally located it has 2 double beds and everything you might need for your stay, short or long.

Peace, frog songs in the sunset and good looking.

Apartyment sits just opposite of the Zagreb Botanical Gardens, offering a unique sound background through the evening summer months. Since Apartyment windows look at the small pond in Botanical garden, frogs will gently lull you to sleep, as if you were staying in a country cottage instead of an urban abode.


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Things to do in Zagreb

0. Make yourselves a breakfast in Botanical garden...must DO if season allows.

1. Go to the Gornji grad, right under Lotršćak tower few minutes before noon and enjoy a bang - the cannon (Grički top) on the tower announces noon every day since January 1st 1887.

2. Go to Dolac, a huge open farmers market for some locally grown fruit, veg, meat or fresh fish straight from the Adriatic.

3. Check out the Cathedral, right next to Dolac

4. Board a bus to Mirogoj, a famous graveyard, built by a great architect. It really is beautiful.

5. If you run, go and run in Maksimir, a huge forest park...better (and safer) than Central Park

6. On Wednesday or Sunday morning, be sure to go to Hrelić, local flea market for some communist memorabilia, antiques or used clothes and records

7. Get drunk in Tkalčićeva, a former red light district

8. Grab a coffee in Bogovićeva, because that's where it's at

9. Hike up to Sljeme, if you have the time or like that kind of thing